Praktijk J.G. Griffioen is the private practice for psychiatry, psychotherapy, psycho-analysis and sexology held by Trudy Griffioen. You can consult me with problems like anxiety, depression, compulsive disorders, mood related issues, ADHD, sleeping disorders and trauma related problems, feelings of insecurity, a lack of self-appreciation and self-confidence but also for problems related to intimacy and sexuality.

You can make an appointment through this site or by using the telephone number mentioned on the home page. Please note at the moment there is a 4 month waiting period between initial contact and the first consultation.

Entrance of the practice can be found here: https://www.praktijkgriffioen.nl/bereikbaarheid

Please use Google Translate to read this site in the language of your choice and call us if there is any information you need but cannot find here.